Disposerve - EPS


Expandable polystyrene, commonly denoted as EPS, is a rigid, lightweight, foamed plastic product, made from non-renewable petroleum based chemicals. "Fiesta" manufactures and exports EPS disposables. Owing to the high quality food grade material, excellent thermal insulation and impact resistant properties these EPS disposal are used for both cold as well as hot usages. EPS is produced when pentane, dissolved in small polystyrene beads, is made to expand under the influence of heat and steam. These foamed beads can be molded into a wide range of shapes and sizes suitable for a treasure of applications in packaging, insulation and disposable cups. EPS product has properties of high strength to weight ratio and highest stiffness compared to other disposable containers. This gives advantage of reduced spillageand enhanced comfort and safety for customer's usage.


Some basic features which makes these EPS disposables as the perfect choice for parties, functions, picnics etc are:

These EPS disposable products are all about functionality, convenience and eco-friendliness.


Technical Specifications