Dispopac - HIPS

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Biodegradable "High Impact Polystyrene" (HIPS) is a cost effective, plastic material that has excellent impact resistance and stability. At "Fiesta" we manufacture and export HIPS Disposables in all shapes and sizes for excellent functionality and optimum performance. These are hygienic, easily crushable, convenient and recyclable. They are mainly used in serving/packing of beverages, juices, ice creams, dahi, shrikhand,kulfi, milk, butter, cheese and other dairy products. Owing to HIPS's properties, these cups can be stored in up-to minus 30 degree Celsius without getting cracked, which makes its demand mostly for packing "ICE CREAM" & "CURD". HIPS don't mislay their shape when hot drink is poured in it. These are made using 100% food grade material in perfect hygienic conditions.


Some of the features of HIPS disposables are:

HIPS disposables are primarily used where impact resistance and cost-effectiveness are required. It also has good gloss and low volatility.


Technical Specifications

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