Disposerve - EPS Range

Commonly known as EPS, expandable polystyrene is a rigid, lightweight, foamed plastic product. Made from the non-renewable petroleum based chemicals, Fiesta manufactures and exports EPS disposables.

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Dispoclear - PP

PP (Poly Propylene) Dispoclear is eco-friendly and recyclable and used for making plastic disposable articles. Fiesta emerges as the most dominant player in the field of manufacturing high quality PP disposable products in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours.

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Dispopac - HIPS

Biodegradable High impact polystyrene (HIPS) is a cost effective, plastic material that has excellent impact resistance and stability. At Fiesta we manufacture and export HIPS Disposables in all shapes and sizes for excellent functionality and optimum performance.

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Zipper Bags

Fiesta is proud to be the leading supplier of wholesale Zipper bags. Our bags have a noticeable difference in quality, and we have several different types and styles of Zipper bags to ensure that you can find the bags you need.

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EPE Foam Packaging

EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) foam is a petrochemical product & having versatile applications ranging from packaging to construction, automotive parts to sports goods, and protective covers to air-conditioning insulation etc.

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Welcome Neo Essel Dispoware Pvt. Ltd.

Neo Essel Dispoware Pvt. Ltd. is the latest venture into the sector of plastic disposables by Goyal Group, one of India's leading diversified Iron & Steel manufacturer and processor. Goyal Group has the experience of over 45 years and the combined turnover stands at USD 240 Million.

Eco-friendly Dispoware